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H-2117 Isaszeg, Ady Endre u. 47.
tel: +36 (28) 495-709, 495-7I9
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Brief History of our Company:

Lignifer Co. was established as a socialist industrial co-operative in 1948.

By the end of the 70-ies our company had 580 employees in 4 fields of activity:

1. Metal processig workshop,

2. Carpenter workshop,

3. Ceramic workshop and

4. Plastic product workshop.

Our products were sold in the domestic market and partly in the former COMECON countries.

That time the co-operative was in collective ownership and the small shareholders were the employees themselves.

Due to the political and economical changes in Hungary in 1989 as well as based on the Law and Regulation No.1/1992 the ownership had to be determined by exact names and persons. As a result of this the ceramic and the plastic product workshops went independent but the metal processing and the carpenter workshops remained in the property of Lignifer.

Because of all these changes the production was stagnant with no profit, so the company had to be reformed and reorganized.

In 1998 the majority (90 %) of the small shareholders sold their shares to 2 companies that reorganized both the production and the management of the company. The loss-producing carpenter workshop was closed and the metal processing workshop was developed.

As a consequence of the reform at the company, Lignifer was transformed to a Limited Liability Company in 2005.

At the present time the efforts of the company has been focused to the production of stainless steel equipment and furniture for hospitals, laboratory animal breeding, pharmaceutical factories, research institutes etc.
Recently about 65 % of the production is exported to such countries as Germany, France, The Nederlands, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, etc.


In 2002 Lignifer was qualified according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 and the Cerificate of the Quality Management System is renewed and confirmed year by year.


The company has a growing production with a stable financial background.




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